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We will help you compose the e-mail which you need to send to the broker in order to put your account under us

We help you compose your e-mail

Here you can compose an e-mail in which you ask your broker to put your account under our affiliate network. Just choose your broker, add your account types and copy the message and send it to your broker. If you cannot find your broker in the broker list, it is because there is no way putting your account under us at that broker.

Fill the form on the left and this letter will automatically change. Or you can copy this message and replace ... with your data. This email is only in English.

Dear ...,

I would like to ask you to put my following ... accounts under ForexCashbackCloud introducing broker. This issue is quite urgent for me, so please make this change as soon as possible. My accounts and the referral IDs are listed below.

Put my ... account (ID: ...) under the referral ID of ....
Put my ... account (ID: ...) under the referral ID of ....

Thank you in advance.

Fill the form. Then copy and send the message above to Select your broker first

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Get cashback for existing accounts

The brokers listen on the left made it possible to put your existing account under our affiliate network. That way, you can get forex rebate for your old accounts, not just the new ones.