PaxForex Cashback up to $12.8 / lot on EUR/USD. Maklumat lanjut

%Kadar Cashback pada PaxForex jenis akaun

Pilih tahap sesuai berdasarkan isipadu cashback bulanan anda.Ketahui lebih lanjut tentang tahap-tahap.

Berdagang dalam isipadu besar? Ketahui lebih lanjut tentang tawaran peribadi kami.

* Kadar spreads, komisen dan cashback boleh menjadi sedikit berbeza disebabkan oleh pemboleh ubah pada jenis akaun tertentu.


The following restrictions apply to receiving cashback at PaxForex: Any completed trading transactions with a duration of five (5) minutes or less will not be included in the calculation of the fee payment. Duration is considered the time between the opening and closing of a position. All positions that were closed on the platform using the functions “close by” and “multiple close by” will not be included in the calculation of the fee payment. All positions closed with a profit or a loss of less than one (1) minimum spread will not be included in the calculation of the fee payment.

Cashback untuk PaxForex akaun sedia ada

Anda TIDAK BOLEH menyambung akaun sedia ada kepada broker ini

Sekiranya anda sudah mempunyai akaun di PaxForex ianya TIDAK MUNGKIN untuk meletakkan akaun sedia ada anda di bawah Cashbackcloud. Walaubagaimanapun, anda masih boleh menerima cashback di PaxForex. Sila Hubungi kami

PaxForex maklumat promosi dan bonus

Welcome Bonus $7

You can receive a $7 welcome forex bonus if you make $5 profit; the balance will be $12. To withdraw the profit of $5 (profit) the client has to trade a total trading volume siz of 1.5 lots. This means that the client can make 150 trades per 0.01 lot size or 15 trades per 0.1 lot and etc. After more trading, the forex trader earns another $5. The balance becomes $17 ($10 profit) and he has traded 1.5 lots. In this case, the trader could withdraw $5 and the rest of the profit remain in his account. To withdraw another USD 5,the trader has to trade another 1.5 lots.

100% loyalty deposit bonus

Deposit $1200 or more and you will be eligible to receive 100% bonus. This can provide a little extra safety behind your trades or you can use it to leverage more operational volume.

Every time you make a deposit over $1200 you will receive 100% bonus again up to 30,000$

The bonus amount is only for trading and cannot be withdrawn.

More about this broker

PaxForex was found by a team of professional traders with the help of investors in 2010. They targeted on providing exclusive trading conditions to small and institutional clients as well. You can get a low spread (0,3), you can choose between market or instant execution. PaxForex can accept US clients.


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icon-cpaTrading volume deal

This means that you get cashback after every commission or fee you generate at your broker. You get cashback when you trade.

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Maklumat broker

Broker pada Cashbackcloud
Akaun PaxForex pada Cashbackcloud 231
Mata / $1 komisen Cashbackcloud diperoleh 50
Cashback deal type Trading Volume
Maklumat broker
Nama broker PaxForex
Banned countries No restriction
Terima pelanggan US Yes
Accepts Japanese clients Yes
Nama syarikat broker PaxForex
Penubuhan dalam talian 2010
Alamat syarikat broker London, 78 York Street, W1H 1DP
Employees 110
Laman web broker Website
Trading options
Execution Options MM
Instruments Forex, Metals
Maklumat pendanaan
Mata wang akaun tersedia USD, EUR, GBP, CHF
Kaedah pendanaan Skrill, Neteller, Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, WebMoney, QIWI, FASAPAY, CashU, Perfect Money, Unionpay, OkPay
Bank Dana Pelanggan TBI
Interest bearing account No
Akaun pengasingan yang dikuatkuasakan kerajaan Yes
Perkhidmatan pelanggan
Hubungi Hubungi
Perkhidmatan 24 jam Yes
Bahasa sokongan English, Russian, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese, Thai, Lao
Pilihan Perkhidmatan Email, Phone, Live Chat, ICQ, Skype, Web form

Kaedah pembayaran

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