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很抱歉,但 IronFx 不允许我们关联现有帐户。这意味着我们无法在此帐户中为您提供任何现金返还。

要获得 IronFx 的折扣,您需要通过Cashbackcloud 开设一个新帐户。 我们知道这似乎有很多麻烦,但请记住,如果没有现金返还,你实际上在每笔交易中都会亏本!



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Gainsy Cashback up to $1.36 / lot on EUR/USD. More info.

%现金返利率 于 Gainsy 账户种类

根据您的每月可达到的现金返利数额选择您适用的级别。 了解有关级别的详情。

大量交易?在 了解有关我们私人交易的详情。

* Spreads, commissions and cashback rates could be slightly different because of variable spreads at certain account types.

Gainsy 现有账户的现金返利


If you already have an account at Gainsy it may be possible to put your account under Cashbackcloud. If you would like to do so, please contact us and we'll tell you the rest. Just click on the button below and write an email about it and we'll see what we can do. Learn more about linking existing accounts.

Gainsy 红利和促销细节

unified deposit bonus up to 50%

Unified Bonus is the additional funds, which are not cancelled when the equity of trading account is below the initial balance amount, therefore, Unified Bonus may be fully used in your trading, even during "drawdown". This promotion may increase your profit generation, saving your positions in case of negative movements and when the market behaves unexpectedly.

You can withdraw your profit after you complete the requirements of the promotion.

If you deposit 250$ you will receive 25% bonus. But if you deposit min1000$ you will get 50% bonus

45% bonus on each deposit

Every client of the Gainsy, after each trading account funding at least $100, has the right to receive additional bonus of 45% from the deposit amount. You can only trade with the bonus and these funds aren't available for withdraw. .

In order to receive the bonus amount you have to make a request from your profile;

5,000$ non-deposit bonus

If you are an experienced trader of the Forex market, you just need to install GAINSY Toolbar. This toolbar provides you with direct access to general PAMM Account rating, then you need to apply for PAMM bonus crediting and get $5,000 real money from the Gainsy. From now on you are free to manage the account and get your profit as Investors' reward which is also set by yourself.


-Your initial trading Balance (provided by GAINSY) – $5,000;

-Your funds invested to your PAMM Account by Investors – $100,000;(this amount can be variable)

-Your revenue for PAMM Account managing – 40%;

(available Manager's revenue varies from 0% to 95%)

-Your Partner's revenue for acquiring Investors – 50%;

(available Partner's revenue varies from 0% to 95%)

-Your profit for the previous week (from $5,000 initial Balance) – 10%.

(a successful trader makes 10% profit per week in average)

-Your Investors get $10,000, while you get $4,000 as your reward for managing invested funds, $2,000 of which your Partner gets. So, your total income is $2,000.

PAMM System is a unique investment tool that allows all the professional money Managers and Investors to earn additional profit on the Forex market.

More about this broker

In 1998, at the dawn of Forex Industry and Internet Trading a team was formed, which analyzed market, developed trading strategies and theories, and applied the obtained knowledge in practice. In 2012 this team of professionals started GAINSY to change the world of Forex. The belief of the Company lies in honesty and practice. They believe that the success of a trader comes from constant improvement and practice, and they are able to provide it for their clients. They encourage questioning, they share their knowledge and believe in the success of their clients. To help improvement they are making contest with real prizes, they provide a live forum and blog for communication and they ensure that a professional online support is available 24/5.


  • Competitive Costs
  • Popularity
  • Regulator ratings
  • User reviews (116)

icon-cpaTrading volume deal

This means that you get cashback after every commission or fee you generate at your broker. You get cashback when you trade.

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Cashbackcloud Rating

This service is fine, but has some flaws. Rebates and payments are exact and are on time. Although, this service is all right, they can improve a lot. It's not a bad choice, however, there're much better ones on the market.

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Broker information

Gainsy在Cashbackcloud的账户 241
Cashbackcloud Point / $1 commission made 50
Cashback deal type Trading Volume
Broker information
经纪人姓名 Gainsy
Banned countries US
Accepts US clients No
Accepts Japanese clients Yes
经纪人的公司名 Gainsy Inc.
线上建立 2012
经纪人公司地址 Cedar Hill Crest, P.O. Box 1825, Villa, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Employees 63
经纪人的网站 Website
Trading options
Execution Options STP, ECN/STP
Instruments Forex, Metals
Available account currencies USD
资金方法 Skrill, Wire Transfer, Credit/Debit Card, WebMoney, CashU, Perfect Money, RBK Money
Interest bearing account No
政府强制实行的隔离账户 Yes
Customer support
Contact page Contact
24 hours support Yes
支持语言 English
Support Options Email, Phone, Live Chat, Forum, Skype, Web form

Payment methods

Skrill Wire Transfer Credit/Debit Card WebMoney CashU Perfect Money RBK Money

Regulators (1)

Name Financial Conduct Authority
Country United Kingdom
Min. capitalization 125,000 EUR
enforced segregate
Link Website
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is a regulatory body in the United Kingdom, formed as one of the successors to the Financial Services Authority (FSA). It operates independently of the United Kingdom government, and is financed by charging fees to members of the financial services industry. The FCA regulates financial firms providing services to consumers and maintains the integrity of the UK’s financial markets. It focuses on the regulation of conduct by both retail and wholesale financial services firms. Like its predecessor the FSA, the FCA is structured as a company limited by guarantee. The authority has significant powers, including the power to regulate conduct related to the marketing of financial products. It is able to specify minimum standards and to place requirements on products. It has the power to investigate organisation and individuals. In addition, the FCA is able to ban financial products for up to a year while considering an indefinite ban; it will have the power to instruct firms to immediately retract or modify promotions which it finds to be misleading, and to publish such decisions.